Gentleman, I have just three questions for you:

What is your most valuable asset?

Your house? Retirement account? Vacation home? Business?

Not really… What do you think Steve Jobs would have said at age 56 just before he died from pancreatic cancer?

Exactly. It’s your health

Should you be doing more to optimize and preserve your most valuable asset?

‘Nuff said.

Now tell me,

Which type of guy are you?

Type 1: “I need to make some changes”

Can you handle the truth?

If you will indulge me, let’s have a moment of straight talk and man-to-man honesty.

It’s about to get real….

You can feel yourself getting old. You’re getting fat. Somewhere along the way you gained 20 lbs (or more). Somewhere along the way you developed boobs. You look down at your toes and you can’t see your equipment. Your hair is turning grey and thinning. You notice you don’t have the energy you used to: You need a few cups of coffee or some energy drinks to jump-start your day, and by the early afternoon you are looking around for some place to take a nap.

Your sleep sucks. Doctor may have told you to get a CPAP machine because your neck is too fat. Doctor told you to start meds cause your blood sugar or blood pressure or cholesterol (or whatever) is too high. You have nagging, undiagnosed aches and pains that are keeping you from being as active as you want to be. When you do exercise, you find yourself injuring something and then having to take time off to heal. You can’t run a mile without stopping. You couldn’t drop and give me 20 pushups. The thought of doing a few pullups fills you with dread that you would injure something.

You often feel overwhelmed, frazzled, and edgy from the demands of life. Or maybe you feel numb and withdrawn. The phrase “Take this life and shove it” at times resonates with you. You’re not making enough money. Negative thoughts frequently run through your mind. Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t look at you the same way she once did. You don’t have that pep in the bedroom that you used to have. You can’t remember the last time you gave some to your wife until she was satisfied and didn’t want it anymore. You have forgotten what it feels like to wake up with a boner.

In essence, you are getting out of touch with what it feels like to be a man.

God made you for something better than this.

I can understand: I used to be that guy. Let me help you…

Type 2: “I’m always looking for an edge”

You’re an over-achiever. “Good” is not good enough. You are always looking to get better — bigger, faster, stronger, more income, better relationships, better sex. You want to dominate in every realm — the weight room, the board room and the bedroom. You wonder about testosterone replacement therapy. You read self-help books. You listen to motivational speakers. You are a fan of “Personal Development”. You are familiar with guys like Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Jocko Willink, John Maxwell, and Grant Cardone . You take excellent care of your body. You do intermittent fasting; you eat low carb; you take supplements. You shop organic. You make smoothies. You are familiar with terms like “superfoods”, “omega 3s”, “keto”, “paleo”, “H.I.I.T.” and “supersets”. You wear a fitness tracker. You do Crossfit, or BJJ, or Muay Thai — or all three. You train for triathlons. You do endurance races. You challenge yourself every single time you workout. You get off when you set a PR. You geek-out on hacking your physiology for better performance. You keep asking yourself the question “How can I be as healthy and fit as possible?

Here’s your problem: You need actionable, personalized, trustworthy, and high-quality health and wellness information — and it’s way too damn hard to find it.

Dr. Google?  Confusing, often contradictory, definitely not personalized. Often biased by advertising and self-interest. Too much information = overwhelmed.

Your PCP? Doesn’t have enough time for you; doesn’t go beyond basic, superficial testing; doesn’t understand fitness and training principles; not interested or doesn’t understand hormones. Helps you when you are sick but doesn’t understand how to maximize your health.

Your coach or trainer? A great person; works hard; pushes you. (Awesome!) But doesn’t have expertise in accurately diagnosing and treating injuries. No access to medical testing and technology. No in-depth medical knowledge of physiology and body systems.

So what’s a guy to do?

You need someone with expertise in both realms.

It’s no secret: Let me tell you exactly what I will do for you:


“The man who thinks he can and the man who things he can’t are both right. Which one are you?”
- Henry Ford

“The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart from other men.”
- Navy Seal Creed

Michael K. Turner, M.D.

A high-level recreational athlete, Dr. Turner is a board-certified Physiatrist with special interests in Men’s Health, Sports Medicine, Athletic Performance, and Nutrition. He develops personalized, integrated approaches (including hormones, sleep, recovery, nutrition, supplements and exercise) to help people perform at the highest level. As a graduate of Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, and the Mayo Clinic, he brings a passion for excellence to everything he does. He believes in living and modeling a healthy, balanced lifestyle. His patient care approach is holistic, integrative, optimistic, compassionate and spiritual.

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