Brain Health

Change your brain, change your life!

A dynamic multimedia program to help you optimize mental function and prevent disease.


What if you stopped and took the time to learn and develop habits of health that would optimize your brain function for the rest of your life?


Would that be worth 12 weeks of your time? And $207?


I thought so…

Here’s what you will receive:

 * 12 self-paced, dynamic learning modules delivered to your email inbox (one every week).


* Actionable information that is optimized for learning--including summaries of key concepts, content review questions, questions for personal application, and links to relevant articles and videos for further exploration. (Dr. Turner was a teacher before going to medical school!)

* Each lesson personally composed by Dr. Turner and based on the best scientific information, delivered in an understandable and engaging format.

Topics we will cover:

Physical exercise and its benefits, including the single-best exercise for promoting brain health.


Supplements: A complete list of the most potent, research-validated supplements to promote brain health and the best places to find them online.


Can dementia be prevented? A comprehensive approach.


* Memory and focus: The best brain exercises to improve your abilities.


* Reducing anxiety through targeted brain exercises.


* Neurotransmitters: What are they? How do they affect you? Are your levels abnormal?


Weight loss: Crucial insights about the connection between your brain and your attempts to lose weight.


BDNF (“Miracle Grow” for the brain). How to maximize your levels of this amazing compound.


Inflammation: What is it? How does it affect your brain? How can it be prevented?


Oxidative stress: What is it? How does it affect your brain? How can it be prevented?


Sleep and the brain: Crucial concepts for keeping you healthy.


Sugar and refined carbs: Why they’re bad for your brain and strategies for successfully cutting back. (P.S. You will also lose weight!)


Obesity and its negative effects on your brain.


* What does your brain need more than anything else? Blood flow. A comprehensive approach for maximizing circulation to your brain.


* Understanding your personal risk for stroke or heart attack, including an opportunity for advanced laboratory testing.


Do you have atherosclerosis? An opportunity for diagnostic testing


Meditation and its benefits


Biofeedback and its benefits


Cost:   $69 per month. Cancel any time. No refunds. 



Yours In Good Health,

Brain Health - Michael K. Turner, MD Integrative Medicine Physician located in Tri-Cities, WA