1. Advanced testing

Screen for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Advanced cardiac risk assessment. Cutting-edge cancer screening. Telomere aging rate. Assessing the strength of your immune system. Omega-3 fatty acid levels.

2. Customized nutritional advice

Dr. Turner will review concepts of diet and nutrition (e.g. low-sugar, anti-inflammatory, minimizing animal products) known to slow the aging process.

3. Personalized supplement regimen

Create a personalized, scientifically-validated, and cost-effective supplement regimen for you. There are many supplements well-known to modify the aging process. A simple – and yet extraordinarily important – example is vitamin D

4. Bioidentical hormone optimization

Change your hormones, change your life! A recent landmark study showed a reversal of cellular aging by 1.5 years on the basis of treatment with growth hormone, DHEA (a hormone) and the medication Metformin.

5. Exercise and weight loss

Exercise is well known to promote healthy aging and prolong lifespan, whereas obesity is associated with mechanisms that accelerate aging like inflammation and elevated blood sugar.

It is a proven fact: diet and lifestyle habits can strongly affect the length and quality of your life.


Beyond these well-known concepts, there are further areas to explore that are filled with potential to slow aging and promote vitality. These include:


1) Reducing oxidative stress

2) Reducing telomere shortening rate

3) Reducing chronic inflammation

4) Maximizing function of your mitochondria

5) Optimizing hormone levels

6) Boosting levels of stem cells