About Chelsey Richardson DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC

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What do I do?


Through functional medicine, I assist you in amplifying your energy, bolstering your immunity, rejuvenating your gut health, harmonizing hormones, optimizing sleep, mitigating inflammation, and ensuring you radiate wellness both inside and out.

Chelsey Richardson DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC


Chelsey Richardson, an esteemed graduate from the University of Washington, holds a Doctorate in Nursing Practice and stands as a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Over a dedicated 17-year career in healthcare, Chelsey has woven a tapestry of experience that encompasses hospitals, family practices, walk-in clinics, telemedicine, and selfless contributions in women's clinics. Additionally, she's on the verge of finalizing her specialized training with the renowned Institute for Functional Medicine.


Two decades ago, personal health challenges, notably hypothyroidism, coupled with witnessing close family members navigate autoimmune conditions, kindled Chelsey's deep commitment to holistic wellness. This led her to Functional Medicine—an integrative, personalized approach that prioritizes addressing the root causes of ailments over merely managing symptoms.


At the heart of Chelsey's approach is the essence of Functional Medicine: recognizing the body as a complex, interconnected system. By targeting foundational health imbalances and emphasizing individualized lifestyle interventions, she aims to unlock the body's inherent healing capabilities.


With a spirit anchored in faith and a drive fueled by her commitment to holistic well-being, Chelsey treasures moments with her family, appreciates the natural splendors of the Pacific Northwest, and dedicates time to gardening and continuous learning in health. Her mission is to guide others towards healing, allowing them to realize their potential and lead lives filled with vitality. Believing that healing is a journey, often enhanced with faith, Chelsey is eager to support you on your path to holistic health.


His confidence that he could help me truly gave me hope again; hope that better was possible. What a miracle he has been for me!


He cares... Dr. Turner is one of those rare doctors who not only cares but lets you know he cares. He takes a real interest in what concerns you.


The best doctor in the world. His attitude towards his relationships with his patients... makes great initial connections, very genuine in his caring.


Loves what he does... Love Dr. Turner. Through a simple test he has found out more about what is going on with me than any other doctor in more than 10 years.