Functional Medicine

Is Functional Medicine Right for You?

  • Regular digestive issues hold you back.
  • Despite "normal" lab tests, you're constantly drained.
  • Stress, sleepless nights, or irritability are all too familiar.
  • You're seeking deeper insights into persistent hormonal challenges.
  • Stubborn weight gain concerns persist.
  • Recurring skin issues have become a nuisance.
  • A plethora of unexplained symptoms leave you baffled.
  • Lingering effects post-Covid or post-vaccination weigh on you.
  • You're proactively aiming for a future of health and vitality.

Functional Medicine Services Provided By Chelsey Richardson ARNP

  • Digestion: Comprehensive Gut Healing
  • What We Offer: A deep dive into your digestive health with advanced gut testing.
  • Our Approach: We apply the 5R method - Remove, Replace, Re-inoculate, Repair, and Rebalance. By integrating dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, botanicals, and occasional medications, I aim to alleviate issues like reflux, bloating, SIBO, and leaky gut. Expect ancillary benefits such as enhanced cognition, reduced joint pain, and improved mood.


  • Hormone Balance: Harmonize Your Body
  • What We Offer: A comprehensive look at your hormonal ecosystem, including the adrenals, thyroid, and sex hormones.
  • Our Approach: We study hormone influencers, emphasizing the gut, adrenals, liver, and blood sugar. Through tactics such as improving sleep, movement, stress management, dietary adjustments, and botanicals, my goal is to achieve a balanced state, potentially reducing the need for hormone replacements. (Note: Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy coming soon.)


  • Long Covid/Vaccine Issues: Rediscover Your Wellness
  • What We Offer: A solution for lingering health challenges after Covid or vaccination.
  • Our Approach: Using FLCCC protocols, I take a functional medicine stance to ease post-Covid or post-vaccination symptoms.


  • Skin Health: Uncover Lasting Radiance
  • What We Offer: Strategies to tackle enduring skin problems at their core.
  • Our Approach: We holistically evaluate potential triggers, such as nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalances, detoxification processes, and gut triggers, striving to bring lasting relief and rejuvenation to your skin.


  • Autoimmune Support: Find Equilibrium
  • What We Offer: Customized guidance for individuals confronting autoimmune conditions.
  • Our Approach: Addressing the triad of genetic predisposition, leaky gut, and environmental triggers, I work to alleviate symptoms focusing on gut health, inflammation control, and trigger elimination.

Your Journey to Health: From our first deep dive into your health to devising and implementing a tailored strategy, We are committed to guiding you every step of the way.


Ready for a Health Revival? Book a complimentary appointment with Chelsey using the link below and explore if my functional medicine approach aligns with your aspirations.