About Dr. Turner

Dr. Michael K. Turner, MD


What do I do?


I give world-class advice to help you achieve an optimal state of health.


Why do I do it?


Because I enjoy helping people. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”


Because our bodies are intricately designed, precious gifts from God and I will always be fascinated with learning more about them.


Because I feel a calling to help people live in their best possible state of health and wellness. Every time I go to work, I believe that God will bring specific people into my path that day who need something -- some uplift, some encouragement, some solution. It is my spiritual duty to provide that for them, and to create the best healthcare experience they've ever had.


Because it’s fun! When I am sitting with someone – understanding, communicating, problem-solving and creating a path forward out of distress and pain – I am in a state of enjoyment and feeling deeply engaged with my purpose for living.

Welcome to MichaelTurnerMD.com

Michael K. Turner, MD, offers compassionate, integrative health care services in Richland, Washington, and the Tri-Cities area. Patients receive personalized, research-based care to optimize their health and wellness, as well as resolve any ongoing problems.

Dr. Turner is a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with more than a decade of clinical experience.

Dr. Turner offers a comprehensive range of services, including Sports Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Men’s Health, and testosterone therapy. He also provides innovative regenerative medicine therapies like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and prolotherapy injections to help patients optimize their health and wellness. He frequently works with patients suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Whether patients have a chronic pain condition, low energy, or simply desire to feel their best. Dr. Turner takes a holistic approach to wellness. Patients benefit from personalized treatment plans designed to enhance their total wellness, addressing the root cause of symptoms instead of merely masking them with medication.

Dr. Turner welcomes new patients and offers telemedicine appointments for the convenience of his patients. Get started on your journey to better health today!



His confidence that he could help me truly gave me hope again; hope that better was possible. What a miracle he has been for me!


He cares... Dr. Turner is one of those rare doctors who not only cares but lets you know he cares. He takes a real interest in what concerns you.


The best doctor in the world. His attitude towards his relationships with his patients... makes great initial connections, very genuine in his caring.


Loves what he does... Love Dr. Turner. Through a simple test he has found out more about what is going on with me than any other doctor in more than 10 years.