Keys to Hormonal Harmony

Women's Health Mini-Course

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Are you wondering if your hormones might be off?

Does being tired, moody, or persistent weight gain sound familiar?

Feeling lackluster, have period problems or you are perimenopausal (women 40's and beyond)?

Have you been curious about what you can do to start feeling better now?

Well, I created Keys to Hormonal Harmony just for you!

Hormonal issues are WAY TOO COMMON 

Adrenal dysfunction, sluggish thyroids, sex hormone imbalances

I see them all the time

It's the reason so many women get put on birth control pills or antidepressants


These are just band-aid solutions when there are TRUE HORMONAL IMBALANCES

It's not in your head, you are NOT CRAZY

Hormonal imbalances are VERY REAL and plague so many women

You don't need to suffer.

Are you ready to learn how to fix your hormones?

Listen to Chelsey and Dr. Turner discuss the impact of these key areas

Lesson 1

Getting it Right from the Start

Understand hormonal imbalances + optimize sleep, nutrition, and movement.

What You'll Learn

  • Problems with cycles, perimenopause, menopause.

  • Symptoms of imbalances in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

  • Key insights for the best sleep you've ever had.

  • Focused nutrition for optimal hormones.

  • Learn movement best practices.

Lesson 2

Adrenals & Thyroid

How to recognize issues with these forgotten star players and tune them up.

What You'll Learn

  • Adrenal glands, cortisol and DHEA.

  • Learn how you can start balancing cortisol.

  • Targeted botanicals and supplements.

  • Explore the natural functions of your thyroid.

  • Signs of thyroid problems & labs.

  • Natural ways to improve thyroid function.

Lesson 3

Gut Health is Wealth

The role gut health plays and how to help your inner (gut) garden flourish.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the normal functions of the gut.

  • Signs of gut dysfunction and how things go wrong.

  • Leaky gut, dysbiosis, SIBO & SIFO.

  • Comprehensive stool testing.

  • How gut health impacts hormones.

  • How to repair your gut through a 5-R approach.

Lesson 4

All About Detox

Why it matters and how to detoxify your body and life for happy hormones.

What You'll Learn

  • The problem with toxins in and around us.

  • Learn more about endocrine disruptors.

  • Liver function & detoxification.

  • Estrogen detoxification & methylation testing.

  • How to reduce your toxic burden.

  • Lifestyle and nutrition interventions for detox.

The Benefits of Hormonal Harmony

• Sleep soundly through the night  - Wake up energized ready to take on the day

Get glowing skin & full hair  -  Conquer your cravings and fit in those skinny jeans

• Feel sexy again and look forward to date night  - Less trips to the gynecologist

• Sail through perimenopause - Think clearly, feel happy, be peaceful

In This Course, You Will:

Learn about the 4 major areas that affect hormones: Lifestyle, Adrenals/Thyroid, Gut Health & Detoxification

Learn practical steps to begin correcting your hormonal imbalances

Discover natural ways to support and restore your hormonal harmony

Benefit from the expertise and guidance of a Functional Medicine Specialist

Ready to gain control of your body and start living again?

P.S Your body, mind, and loved ones will thank you later!

This course is applicable for women of all ages and stages!

"These four Women’s Health webinars are such a rich resource of helpful information! I highly recommend any woman having hormonal issues in particular like myself, to go ahead and glean from her wealth of functional medicine knowledge. It’s a great investment in your own health!"


"Chelsey Richardson’s 4-week Hormone class was invaluable for my family and me. I walked away that evening with actionable steps that I could begin right away. The PDFs and recordings have been a helpful tool in revisiting what I can tweak to further aid in my health journey. Thank you, Chelsey, for making this class such a valuable learning opportunity. It will no doubt change lives." 


Continue Your Journey to Hormonal Harmony

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Chelsey Richardson

Function Medicine Specialist

Chelsey Richardson DNP, ARNP, FNP

Chelsey Richardson is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Functional Medicine Specialist, and a hormone and gut health enthusiast. She is on a mission to empower women (and men) to understand their bodies better and aid them in restoring their vitality through a holistic, root-cause approach.