Hiphenolic Weight Loss

HiPhenolic is a high-concentration, highly purified polyphenolic blend that provides multidimensional support to maintain normal blood pressure levels, manage weight, and increase satiety and appetite control.

HiPhenolic supports a healthy weight through appetite control by increasing satiety hormones and decreasing hunger hormones. It also provides a potent formula for those seeking to optimize their metabolism and cardiovascular health.


  • SUPPORTS OPTIMAL BLOOD PRESSURE LEVELS Supports overall cardiometabolic function and maintains normal blood pressure levels and heart rate
  • ENHANCES METABOLIC EFFICIENCY Ingredients work synergistically to activate the energy sensor AMPK and promote metabolic efficiency through the modulation of fat metabolism.
  • AIDS IN APPETITE CONTROL AND CRAVINGS REDUCTION Supports healthy weight by decreasing appetite biomarkers and increasing satiety biomarkers.
  • PROMOTES OPTIMAL BODY WEIGHT Polyphenolic extract blend has been shown to improve body weight, abdominal circumference and body fat percentage

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