Fish Oil

Much of our modern diet is very heavily weighted on Omega-6 fats instead of Omega-3 fatty acids which triggers an inflammatory cascade in the body. When we eat foods as nature intended, grass-fed, wild-caught, unprocessed, sprouted, etc., we get the right nutrients that our body needs which helps prevent inflammation from occurring in the first place.

Unfortunately, with what we call the Standard American Diet (SAD) (aptly named), it’s not uncommon for the average person to eat some form of processed, grain-fed, antibiotic-pumped animal-based foods (meat, dairy, etc.) or other herbicide laden and highly processed foods devoid of nutrients foods in a day.

If your diet is less than, or missing fatty fish, then you’ll want to include omega 3’s in your regimen, fish oil is a great way to get them. This will equate to less aches, less period pain (which by the way it’s not “normal” to have painful periods), and really, less inflammation all over — which just about everybody needs.

Ultra Pure® Fish Oil 700 provides support and maintenance of the normal function, fluidity and health of cell membranes.* Fish Oil contains the essential fats EPA and DHA.* These fats help maintain and support soft tissue and connective tissue.* Fish oil helps promote cartilage and joint function and relieves mild mood changes and cramps associated with the menstrual cycle.* Fish oil helps maintain platelet aggregation levels that are already in the normal range.*

  • EPA DHA Omega 3 Supplement: High concentration of EPA & DHA supports soft tissue & connective tissue
  • Fish Oil Supplements: Fish oil promotes cartilage, joint health & health of cell membranes
  • Menstrual Cramps Pain Relief: Promotes positive mindset & eases menstrual cycle cramps
  • Quality, Purity & Potency: No coatings or binders, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free & sugar-free

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