How to Prevent and Treat COVID-19 – A Guide for You and Your Loved Ones

Covid 19 Prevention & Treatment - Michael K. Turner, MD Integrative Medicine Physician located in Tri-Cities, WA

Dear Friends,

Like you, I am eager to see this whole pandemic come to an end and to do everything in my power to help myself, and those I love, stay healthy and strong.

Like you, I know people – close friends – who have died from this dreadful disease. We have suffered way too many lives lost; and way too much social, educational, and economic damage.

Perhaps differently from you, as a physician, I have been blessed with inside knowledge of physiology and medicine – and, if I don’t know something, I know where to look educate myself on it. I can look behind the veil of media censorship to understand what truly does and does not work. I have used this knowledge, combined with practical expertise, to successfully provide prevention and early treatment for thousands of people.

My desire is to make this critical information more widely known.

Guess what?

I just did a Google search for “How to treat COVID at home.” Here is what I found:

Get vaccinated?.. What?… I am not “anti-vax” but we need to be honest – vaccination is not even a treatment, it’s a prevention strategy (with an increasingly questionable risk/benefit ratio). Not to mention, someone with COVID should never get the injection while he or she is actively sick.

“Water. Rest. Tylenol and ibuprofen…Masks, isolation, and quarantine.”

The #2 Google search result was from the Mayo Clinic… More of the same.

Is that all we can do?… Seriously? 

What about Vitamin D?… Zinc? .. Gargling with mouthwash to kill the virus? Nasal sprays?

What about the fact that Dr. Brian Tyson and Dr. George Fareed (Harvard Medical graduate) gave early treatment to over 3,000 people with zero deaths, published a book about it, and even spoke on record at the US capitol over a year ago? (actions which promptly got them banned from Twitter and YouTube).

This is a disgrace. This silence is deafening and is causing unnecessary suffering and loss of life. We can do better – and we will.

It’s time to join with me, and many others, to get this message out. I am going to do my part and share with you the best of my expertise and insight; it’s up to you to do the rest.

Let’s get started …

Step 1: Strengthen Your Immune System

Your best defense against COVID is a healthy, robust immune system (which is, for example, the goal of the vaccine). There are many ways to do this, but here is my personal list of the absolute most impactful suggestions:

The strength of your immune system today is affected by the quality of sleep you had last night. And when you are sick, this becomes even more important: Your body fights COVID (or any infection) mainly when you are asleep, not when you are awake. This is why when you get sick you feel both sick and tired – your body is trying to send you a message: “Put me to sleep so I can get active fighting this infection.”

Besides all the good exercise does for the heart, lungs, brain, muscles, etc. it also boosts your immune system. In fact, if I were to draw your blood immediately after doing cardio, it would show higher circulating levels of white blood cells (via a phenomenon called “demargination”). 

You already knew sugar wasn’t good for you…Enough said.

Mushrooms are great for the immune system. My personal favorite is the ABM mushroom. There’s a reason the natives call it “the mushroom of God.”

Take your garlic just like Grandma used to tell you.

NAC is a blockbuster natural supplement the FDA is trying to take away from us. (How do you spell “drug company influence”?) Read more of the science here

Selenium is a trace mineral and a potent anti-cancer weapon. 

Turns out healthy bacteria in your gut are good for your immune system – helping not only with infections but also allergies. 

I can’t claim to understand it, but I have seen this product work miracles for family members. 

Step 2: Supplements Specifically Active Against COVID

The story gets even better: There are supplements known to have a specific role during a COVID infection. To make things simple and actionable, I created this chart:

References: FLCCC website and this YouTube video

Here are my recommendations for a savory tea or the highest-potency oral capsule (used at MD Anderson and UCLA Medical Center in their studies of turmeric and cancer). 

The best source (price, quality, etc.) I have found is this formulation

Listed here not because it helps you sleep (which is great) but because it has direct activity against COVID. I prefer the extended-release formulation because it helps you stay asleep as well as fall asleep. One pill at bedtime of this formulation

NAC can be hard to obtain. The best source I have found is this formulation

Step 3: Preventative Medications

1. Gargling and nasal irrigation twice a day (using 1% povidone iodine, or this nasal spray, or mouthwash). The COVID virus first settles into your throat and nasal passages and from there multiplies and spreads. Why not knock it down at its source?

2. Ivermectin (specific dosing here). The horse paste that happens to have won the Nobel Prize in medicine; launched a worldwide, DIY, COVID-treatment revolution; and antagonized pharmaceutical executives worldwide…You can’t make this stuff up… Power to the people! 

Step 4: The Boy Scout Motto (“Be prepared”) 

Buy a nebulizer. This is basically a humidifier with a mouthpiece and a reservoir to add medication. When I used to work in the ER, the first thing we would do for anyone having significant breathing problems (short of intubation) was to give them oxygen and breathing treatments through a nebulizer… This is the same thing that happens in a hospital if the doctor calls for the Respiratory Therapist.

So get ahead of the game and have one ready – that way, if you end up with breathing problems and need urgent medication (Albuterol and/or Budesonide), you won’t have to scramble to get one. They are available without a prescription from pharmacies, medical device stores, or even online.


Extra credit: A home oxygen machine and a facemask. Search online for “oxygen concentrator.”

Step 5: Early Treatment

1. Aspirin 325 mg once a day (unless contraindicated). The COVID virus predisposes to blood clots and inflames the lining of the blood vessels (“endothelial damage”); aspirin is a potent blood-thinner and anti-inflammatory.

2. Start rescue doses of these medications to have on hand in the medicine cabinet: 

  • Hydroxychloroquine at 200 mg twice a day. Impairs viral entry into cells, helps prevent cytokine storm, enhances uptake of zinc into cells (“zinc ionophore”), anti-inflammatory.  
    •  Note: only helpful when used as early treatment. This drug was off to a great start until Trump started shouting it from the rooftops and it suffered from political backlash. Further studies also took some wind out of its sails by showing it does not help if given too late in the disease. 
  • Not Recommended: Molnupiravir — Initial data looked promising but the more it was scrutinized, the less impressive the results. It also has serious safety concerns — in fact, an independent panel of scientific advisors, convened by the FDA to offer their expert opinion on the risk/benefit ratio, barely passed it, with 13 in favor and 10 against. Read all about it here.



And there we have it, my friends. This is the very best information I can provide you at this time. If there are any other proven treatments out there, let me know – you will have my gratitude and appreciation; of course, I will continue my own diligent search.

I want to leave you on a note of positivity and optimism: This disease is preventable. It is treatable. It is not Ebola. You can prepare ahead of time and be successful in staying out of the hospital. You do not have to live your life in fear. These precautions can relieve your anxiety and help you reclaim your quality of life.



Best Wishes,


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