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“Judge your success only by the level of HEALTH, LOVE and PEACE you have.”

– Life’s Little Instruction Book

Welcome to my blog, dear friends and readers!

Came upon this quote the other day while on vacation in CA. Snooping through a pile of books scattered on top of an old wooden dresser (Don’t you love browsing through other people’s books?!), I found the classic NY Times Bestseller Life’s Little Instruction Book and flipped to a random page. This quote leapt off the page as it challenged and redirected me.

Do you feel successful?

Why or why not?

Money in the bank? Top-notch college degree? Bikini body? Six-pack abs? Nicely remodeled kitchen and bathrooms that are the envy of the neighborhood? Brilliant and accomplished progeny?

What really matters?

Are you measuring yourself, perhaps, by the wrong standards?

It is easy to compare ourselves to others — leading only to pride, self-doubt or envy. Sounds like a fool’s journey to me.

K.I.S.S. principle applies here (Keep It Simple, Stupid): Join with me in losing all that baggage and taking a look only at the level of healthlove and peace we have. And thanking God for it.

Wishing you health, love and peace,

Dr. Turner